Worship Ministry

Worship Leader:

Hannah Hill

Worship Ministry

Judah Worship is the worship ministry of our church. Through vocals, Instruments, and audio engineering we dynamically prepare the way for everyone during service to encounter the presence of the living God. 

The heartbeat of our team is to inspire others to Worship. We are not about a performance but about giving adoration to a King who is worthy of Praise. We are privileged to stand before our congregation and lead them into the Presence of the Creator of the Universe and to inspire them to lay all their cares at the feet of our Savior. We take our job very seriously; we are frontline warriors ready to battle. Ready to stand in the gap. In the Word they would call theWorshippers to the front line to set the atmosphere for the battle ahead. We want to be the thermostat that sets the atmosphere where people can have their lives changed forever.When our church began, we started with 4 singers, using sound tracks for our music. We began to sow seed and believe God for talented humble seasoned musicians. God did a suddenly for us and sent us just that. We are very thankful for all He has done for our team and for the great plans He has in our future.